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Performer: Marlon Williams

In this portrait session, we didn’t have the luxury of location scouting or even a stylist… just a time and a place in the inner city pub where the singer/songwriter was staying. Editorial portraits like this are like game-hunting, only that you leave the prey in an even better state then you found it, even while you take away a good piece of them. Our reputation relies on working under pressure and coming up with results no matter the circumstances. In this instance, the surroundings and the subject lined up perfectly and Marlon eased into being photographed like the professional, nice guy that his is.

Organisation: Choir of Hard Knocks

The brainchild of Dr Jonathon Welch AM, the Choir of Hard Knocks works on the basis of a couple of simple ideas: singing unites people & everyone can sing. So, as we discovered on this magazine job- which was really an advertorial for a charity as Jetstar sponsor this organisation this choir is not about the excellence of the human voice arranged around a song but more an expression of people coming together to transcend their struggles through a collaboration in art.

Local celebrity series: Michael Kelly of Carlton, Victoria