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The Australian Unity Magazine offers us the opportunity to combine our social issue interests with the most fascinating subjects in the Aged Care and Disability sectors. It’s a gift to spend time with beautiful, humble people like Alva Rush below. We are privileged to be with individuals that have lots of stories and have overcome many challenges; yet not seeking attention, just grateful for the company.

Wal Browning from Padstow is a champion Lawn Bowler. The only issue is that he’s 85% blind, so his mate, Roger, has to give him directions. The other obstacle is that his dog Blackie likes to chase the ball so he’s no help. By the way, Wal told me Blackie is in the bad books because he nicked his dentures from the kitchen table and made a mess of them all over the backyard. Wal’s was super-glueing them back, in some sort of shape, most of that week.