At Image United we would love to know a little more about our clients before the shoot.

In this way we can prepare and set-up for your individual requirements in advance.

Along with your personal information, we invite you to tell us what you or your agent may want from the shoot.

We believe in having this dialogue open, as your image should be a representation of your character and the attitude you’d like to project.

If for whatever reason you are unable to send this form please email Dean

or just call on

0412 211 773

and we’ll work things out from there.


We work all hours including the weekends or after normal business. Filling out the form will provide us with information to get the ball rolling- or you can call or send an email anytime.

A deposit will be required upon confirmation of booking.

We look forward to working with you!

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Our goal is to craft images that market artists toward casting that will help start long and prosperous careers. The mission with each shoot is to make you look your absolute best. After all, your head-shot isn't just your calling card, it's ours too!

A good head-shot is one that: exudes personality, makes you look great, jumps off the page, and still (most importantly) ‘looks like you’. Shots like these can jump-start careers. To get great head-shots though, three elements must be in place.

1. A relaxed comfortable subject: The confidence that you bring to the photography session along with the guidance we give you is the combination needed for for a great head-shot.  This is the only way the real you will be present for the camera. Bring your music, a friend or whatever you require to bring about a relaxed focus and energy. We allow plenty of time for each shoot, so there's absolutely no rushing and no next appointment "waiting in the wings." We shoot as much as we need to, so there's no worrying about a shot count. It's all about you, as it should be. We take our time and we get great shots.

2. A fine technique: We use crisp, beautiful 'high-key' lighting, the very best lenses & cameras, shallow depth of field and subtle digital processes to make your eyes jump off the page to catch agents and casting director’s attention. The backgrounds and locations will blend in to enhance the image, without distracting from the real subject: ‘You’.

Dean brings: An Arts background along with 20 years of photography and digital media experience. His intention is for your head-shot to stand out from the rest, emitting the energy that truly personifies you.

3. Clear Direction: Understanding what ‘life in the eyes’ means is essential to any head-shot photographer. That relaxed, tension-free zone referred to earlier is the key to really letting your eyes speak. Dean has been dubbed a master by industry professionals, at directing you to that state and helping you bring out your natural personality and the character that casting directors are looking for.