Adrian. Horse Whisperer from Moruya, NSW

Adrian. Horse Whisperer from Moruya, NSW

In a world slightly off balance, you may be forgiven for thinking that good humans are an exception. This campaign for Ability Links NSW is proof that they are out there… and we’re not alone. In collaboration with our partners, Only Human Communications, Adrian was just one of many inspiring people that makes our race worthwhile.

Here’s a transcript of what he had to say:

I’m a cowboy who just loves horses and I’ve found different ways these animals can affect people.

This girl came to me on a first visit. She was six years old. She had a severe bout of depression. She was holding her mum’s hand while I was talking and I had my big horse Sovereign next to me. I asked the girl if she would just like to touch the horse on the nose and she burst into tears. She cried for a second or two, the horse picked up the vibe from the young girl; he took a step forward, lowered his head into her chest and snuggled in, causing her to pat the horse on top of the head. It was a beautiful moment...a transformation. I didn’t prompt the horse and didn’t even know it was going to do that.

After a little bit, she decided to walk around with the horse, her tears went away and joy just beamed from this little girl.

Her mother had sunglasses on and tears were streaming down her face from behind them.

I had to look away. It was a beautiful moment and I’ll never forget it, as long as I live.