Channel County Ladies Day


Photography is about documenting or inventing images and trying to reach some truth or beauty. Of equal value of trying to achieve that aim is the direct experience of the event. In reflection, some of those times feel like an out of body experience where you ask yourself, “Did that actually happen?”.

Being part of the Channel County Ladies Day was such an occasion. Eronmanga is the town known to be “furthermost from the sea” and it feels that way. Dry, dusty and in the middle of nowhere, every year a group of locals get together to reecalibrate and really live it up. Our contribution was to conceive of a series of iconic images where participants could enact a wish and make a kind of peronal expression, a visual statement in the form of a poster the symbolises something about how they see themselves and how they’d like to be seen.

Equipment: Camera: Canon Mark 3 | Lens: Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 Sigma Art 24-50mm f2 | Light: Elinchron Ranger kit / Natural light.

See Gallery below.