NSW Transport 2015

One image can make a world of difference to how you are seen in the world. It is the most direct and powerful connector to the people you want to reach or influence.

The right image will reveal personality, values and potential.

The right image will transform your business into a brand.

The right image will express the culture that distinguishes your organisation from others.

Dean Golja, an award-winning photographer who over the past 20 years has worked closely with politicians and actors, ex-cons and street kids. People are his specialty and this website is an indication of the experience and love for what he does.

“I feel privileged to have shared some moments with widely recognised people like Sir Don Bradman or Betty Churcher and to have contributed to how the world sees these personalities. For that matter, it’s no less rewarding to have been in the company people on the other side of the limelight in my endeavor to capture some enduring essence of the person in front of me.”

Dean has produced an outstanding body of work, which has been shown at major festivals and galleries around the world. With Image United he brings his particular vision to Melbourne working alongside producer Harry Jay in fabulous studio facilities located in South Melbourne.